How to Repair DBX file in Outlook Express 6.0?

Outlook Express Repair Toolbox (Download) if you are curious to know how to repair DBX file in Outlook Express 6.0 due to the corruption of email folders. This program guarantees the highest efficiency of all data recovery activities regardless the reason, causing the damage of email folders.

There are many reasons of losing email folders in DBX format including the following:

  • viral and malware infections;
  • software and hardware issues;
  • incorrect user activities;
  • very large size of inbox folder.

How to Repair DBX files Outlook Express 6?

We know how to repair DBX files Outlook Express 6, get free version of this application if you are curious about how to repair Inbox.dbx file of Outlook Express 6.0 too. This tool has such features as:

  • supporting any version of OE and MS Windows;
  • recovering data in Batch Mode;
  • opening very large folders;
  • providing friendly user interface, very easy to use.
Outlook Express Repair Toolbox is not require donate. The Microsoft Outlook Express 6 repair tool not requere to confirm GPL, MPL and other opensource license.